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Visual Studio.Net 2012 Training

APSMIND Techonology provide MS.Net 4.5 Training program. .Net is a Framework enables a developer to create console, Web, Windows, Mobile application. It supports the object-oriented programming model for multiple languages, such as Visual Basic,Visual C#, Visual C++, .NET supports multiple programming languages in a manner that allows language interoperability.

Our Trainer provide training on latest .Net framework Visual Studio 2012 to explore the feature of MS.Net 4.5 and what are the new implementation done by the microsoft like Metro UI Development Support, Game Development Support, HTML5/CSS3 Support, Semantic Code Analysis.Our Specialist Trainer trained tothe students in these new techonoligies.

In Visual Studio 2012 course we cover console application with C#, Windows, ASP.Net, Website Configuration, Webservice,WCP, WPF, LINQ, Entity Framework, Silverlight and after covered this syllabus student will be develope two project one mini and major project with live implementation.

We provide Microsoft.Net 2012 Training program according to current Market Demand. Our Specialist Trainer conduct the class and explore new ideas and experience with current marketing. APSMIND Technology Pvt. Ltd. one of leading institute in thefield of VS2012 training in delhi.


  • you have must knowledge of any programming language.
  • You must have know the basic terminology of diffirent type of application.


  • Using VS.Net you can develop any type of application.
  • using .Net you can develop fast, reliable, modern application.
  • Using .Net 4.5 you can provide better security to your application.
  • WYSIWYG is an editor tool available in Visual studio using which you can develope fast application.
  • Develope a applications using N Tier architecture.
  • MS. NET framework is language independent, so choose any programming language that best suited to develop your application.
  • Early binding, JIT compilation, caching services, and native optimization supports to get high level of performance.
  • ASP.Net code and HTML smoothly mix with each other to generate dynamic web pages.
  • .Net is aProven and established technology.

Overview of .Net

  • Introductionof.Net
  • DrawbacksandCurrentTrend.
  • Multiple Language Interaction & support.

.Net Framework

.Net Installations/C#.Net, versions and Hardware/SoftwareRequirements.

Programming Using Visual C#.Net

  • The start of the application
  • C#.NetProgramDesign
  • Variablesandtypes
  • Value types and reference types (CTS)
  • Strings and arrays
  • The Console class
  • Stringformatting
  • Statementsandflows
  • ProgrammingStructures
  • Command-linearguments
  • VS.NET to Create C#.NET Apps
  • •C# 3.0/3.5 features – Implicit types , Extension Methods and more

Object Oriented Programming (Basic)

  • Classes & objects.
  • Abstract & override methods.
  • Creating and using your own classes. Data members and member methods. Instantiate an object.
  • Thiskeyword.
  • Properties.
  • Build process using windows class library. Generate classes for other clients

Object Oriented Programming(Advanced)

  • Constructors.
  • Methodoverloading.
  • Class (static) variables & methods.
  • Object destruction.
  • ‘ref’ and ‘out’ parameters.
  • Constant values.
  • Enumerations.
  • InheritanceandPolymorphism.
  • The root of all classes.
  • Creatingderivedclasses.
  • Methodoverridingandhiding.
  • Polymorphismandvirtualfunctions.
  • Castingobjects.
  • Sealedclasses.
  • Static classes.

Error Handling


  • Indexers
  • Delegates and Events.
  • Multithreading in c#.
  • Attributes.
  • Reflection.
  • Collections.
  • Generics.
  • Anonymous Methods, LamdaExpressions.

SQL Server 2010

  • SQL Overview
  • SQL RDBMS Concepts.
  • DDL,DML,DCL,DDL commands.
  • SQL RDBMS Databases .
  • Constraints.
  • SQL Expressions.
  • Joins.
  • Subquries.
  • Stored Procuder.
  • Indexers.
  • Cursor.
  • Functions.
  • TBL Expressions.
  • SQL Advance Command.

Introduction To Windows FormsBasic

  • Windows forms library
  • Layout Enhancements.
  • Forms and controls – Hierarchy.
  • SQL RDBMS Databases .
  • Creating simple GUI by hand.
  • Event handling.
  • Basic controls.
  • Windows forms – buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, panels, group boxes, list boxes, picture boxes…

Windows Forms Advance

  • Menus
  • Built-indialogboxesandprinting.
  • ExtenderControls.
  • Tool Strips, Status Strips and progress bars.
  • A new MDI forms strategy.
  • Inheritancewithforms.
  • New Controls – Web Browser, Property Grid etc.


  • Historyandbackground.
  • From DAO to ADO.NET.
  • ADO.NETdesigngoals.
  • The ADO.NET architecture and its components.
  • Connectedanddisconnectedenvironment.
  • Ado.Net Components.
  • Data Sources And .Net Data Providers.
  • Accessing Data In The Connected Environment.
  • Accessing Data InDisconnectedEnvironment.
  • Sorting, Searching AndFiltering.


  • HTML.
  • Client side scripting languages.
  • IIS Architecture.
  • What is ASP.NET.
  • Image Technique and code behind technique.

java Script And Jquery

Server Side Controls

  • Type of server controls.
  • Examples on Web server controls.
  • Validation Controls.
  • ASP.NET Page Execution Architecture.

Theme and Skin

Master Pages

State Management

  • Cookies.
  • Session State.
  • Session Tracking Arch.
  • Application object.
  • Session and App events.
  • Global.axas.
  • Viewstate.

Data Control

  • Data Reader.
  • Dataset.
  • Datalist.
  • Repeater.
  • Datasource Controls.
  • Gride view.
  • Details view.
  • List view.


  • LINQ to Objects
  • LINQ to XML
  • LINQ to DataSet
  • LINQ to SQL
  • LINQ to Entities


  • Introduction to Ajax.
  • Basic controls of Ajax
  • Script Manager
  • Script Manager Proxy
  • Update Panel
  • Update Progress and Timer
  • Ajax Control Toolkit introduction
  • Installitation of Ajax Control Toolkit Control
  • Implementation of all ajax controls.


  • Importance of Caching-ASP 3.0 Support for Caching.
  • Type of Caching in ASP.NET.
  • Output Caching.
  • Web user control(VS) custom control.
  • Fragment caching.
  • Data caching vs Application object.

ASP.NET Configuration

  • Machine config vs Web config.
  • App Settings.
  • Custom error setting.
  • Session State Setting.
  • Enhancement in ASP.NET.
  • Inprocess VS out process session statet.
  • State server and SQL Server.
  • Cookie less session.

ASP.NET Tracing

  • Page Level.
  • Application Level.

Globalization and Localization

E-mail Server

Security in ASP.Net

  • Authentication & Authorization.
  • Windows Based Authentication.
  • Form Based Authentication.
  • Passport Authentication.
  • Membership.

XML and Web Services

  • Intro to Web Services.
  • Role of WSDL .NET support for XML Web services.
  • SOAP.
  • UDDI Registry.



Web Parts

  • Web part manager.
  • Zone Types.


  • Shapes.
  • Animations.
  • Brushes.
  • Transformations.



Project With Live Implementation

Regular Class's

  • 4 Months

Weekend's Class's

  • 35 Day's (4Hour's of Class)

Training By Certified and Experienced Real Time Developer

  • Our Trainer Conduct Classes according to Current Market Scenario and shape your Career.

Working on Live Project

  • We provide Live Project Development that helps our student to build their career as Developer

Interview Preparation Classes

  • We Conduct Technical Events like quiz competition, Debates that enhance your knowledge about technology.
  • We conduct Interview preparation classes by our Recruitment Department that aware you, how to crack the interview

100% Job assistance on every Course

  • Our IT Staffing Team all time working for our Student's job placement

Future Guidance

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  • We provide wifi enabled class rooms.
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